Rushing McCarl LLP is a litigation boutique that provides elite advocacy and concierge client service to businesses in California and beyond. Our tactics create the conditions for dispositive motions and against-the-odds victories at trial and on appeal.

Rushing McCarl’s founding partners learned their craft at some of the country’s most prestigious firms and are sought-after experts in litigation strategy and written and oral advocacy. We hold ourselves to the highest expectations of work quality and pride ourselves on being able to outcompete anyone.

We provide legal services through an agile, cost-effective model that we call “kintsugi law.” In 15th-century Japan, a powerful shо̄gun broke his favorite teacup and sent it to local craftsmen to be repaired. To fix the cup without destroying its beauty, they invented the art of kintsugi: gluing broken pottery together with gold. The cup became beautiful in its broken places — beautiful because it was different.

Traditional legal practice is also broken. It is characterized by unpredictable pricing, excessive overhead, lack of transparency, and one-size-fits-all methods. Rushing McCarl is replacing that model with something better: elegant legal solutions tailored to each client’s goals.

If you believe that your lawyers should be as forward-thinking as you are, call us.