Rushing McCarl LLP is a boutique business law firm based in Los Angeles, California. We help individuals and companies resolve disputes, mitigate legal risks, and protect their rights.

When you are faced with a lawsuit, you need experienced and strategic advocates on your side. Rushing McCarl’s lawyers have over 15 years of litigation experience, and dispute resolution is the heart of our business. Our attorneys have represented clients in a wide variety of disputes related to contracts, products liability, property, insurance, and other issues. Whether you need negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, Rushing McCarl will help you make your case and enforce your rights.

Rushing McCarl's partners are both startup founders, and we understand the legal and practical challenges new business owners face. We can help you navigate regulatory complexity, avoid legal tripwires, and structure your business in a way that protects your assets and gives you the flexibility you need to grow.

Rushing McCarl understands the pressures that business owners and in-house counsel face. Our lawyers have experience building businesses from the ground up, and that experience informs the solutions we provide. Ryan McCarl is a legal writing professor, and we believe in writing contracts that are clear, readable, and tailored to your needs. We can protect your assets, make deals, and prevent disputes so that you can focus on what matters: satisfying your customers and growing your business.

All business owners, startup founders, and other creators need to protect what they have built. Rushing McCarl can help you safeguard your intellectual property and reduce the risk of costly disputes.

Our founding lawyers both have tech experience, and Rushing McCarl understands the systems your business is built on. We can help startups and other companies protect their intellectual property, develop employment and licensing agreements, and manage risks related to consumer privacy, products liability, and other matters. If you need a law firm that understands code, call us.

California provides the country's most robust consumer protection, privacy, and unfair competition laws. At the same time, this legal environment forces businesses to navigate a confusing thicket of laws and regulations.

Rushing McCarl represents both plaintiffs and defendants in consumer rights and unfair competition cases. This gives us a unique perspective on consumer protection laws and helps us litigate creatively and press for a favorable resolution for our clients.

We represent writers, directors, producers, and other creatives in entertainment matters including deal negotiation and contract disputes. John Rushing has a decade of experience as an actor, producer, and director and is familiar with entertainment deals including life rights, music licensing, director deals, producer financing deals, and option agreements.

An essential part of any business is its relationship with its employees. Rushing McCarl helps businesses prevent disputes by drafting employment contracts that clearly set forth each side’s rights and responsibilities. Should a dispute arise, Rushing McCarl represents both businesses and employers in cases relating to discrimination, wages, or other matters.

If you are a business, we can help you protect your assets and minimize your litigation risk. If you are a consumer or employee who has been taken advantage of, we can help you vindicate your rights in court.

Rushing McCarl represents both tenants and landlords in lease disputes. We can also negotiate and draft leases that help prevent disputes from arising in the first place.

If you own property, we can help you comply with regulations and establish clear relationships with your tenants. If you are a tenant who has been taken advantage of, we can help you resolve the situation through negotiation or litigation.

Rushing McCarl believes that lawyers have a duty to promote positive changes in the law and help underserved populations gain access to justice.

If you believe that a business or government agency has discriminated against you or violated your rights, call us.

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