Rushing McCarl’s cryptocurrency fraud lawsuit highlighted in Forbes

by Rushing McCarl LLP Nov. 18, 2022

Cryptocurrency-related fraud and scams are now appearing in the news every day. Today, the new CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX just admitted in a bankruptcy filing that the company’s financial records were rife with indicia of fraud and poor data security. And followers of Molly White’s blog Web3 is Going Just Great are treated daily to jaw-dropping reports of fly-by-night cryptocurrency companies bilking investors and consumers of millions of dollars.

The crypto bubble has burst, and we expect waves of litigation to follow. Litigation boutique Rushing McCarl LLP — which this week rung the bell with a $17.8 million federal jury verdict in a breach-of-contract case —  will be on the front lines.

Rushing McCarl filed one of the earliest cryptocurrency fraud cases: the matter of Chavez v. Jordan- Jones, Case No. 22STCV12216 (Los Angeles Superior Court, filed Apr. 12, 2022). Chavez and Rushing McCarl were featured this week in a Forbes article about the defendant, Jeremy Jordan-Jones.

You can read the complaint we filed on behalf of Chavez here. Like other Rushing McCarl filings, the Chavez complaint uses compelling language and visual evidence to tell the client’s story.

Rushing McCarl’s founding partner Ryan McCarl is a former technology entrepreneur and software coder, so the firm is in a unique position to help people who have been caught up in cryptocurrency or blockchain-related fraud.

If you have been victimized by cryptocurrency-related fraud and are considering legal action, Rushing McCarl may be able to help. You can reach us at 310-896-5082 or [email protected].