Thank you for your interest in the Brown v. Pacific Market Int’l, LLC lawsuit alleging that the Stanley tumbler cups manufacturers deceived consumers by failing to disclose that the cups contain lead. Rushing McCarl LLP filed this suit for four California plaintiffs who hope to represent a class of other Californians who bought Stanley tumbler cups.

If you are a California resident over 18 who bought a Stanley tumbler before January 24, 2024 and would like to be considered for participation in the lawsuit as a potential named plaintiff, please complete the form below.

Important disclaimers: The lawsuit was just filed in February 2024; there have been no settlements or findings of liability. The suit was filed as a class-action complaint, but the court has not yet decided whether the current named plaintiffs or their attorneys can represent a class or who (if anyone) can recover as a participant in the class. Completing this form does not create an attorney-client relationship with Rushing McCarl LLP. Please do not enter any sensitive or confidential information into the form.

We regret that the firm cannot respond to everyone who completes this form. If you seek representation for a legal matter unrelated to the Stanley lawsuit, please review Rushing McCarl’s website to learn about our practice areas, then contact the firm at 310-896-5082 or info[at] if you believe we might be a good fit.