Doe v. Compania Panamena de Aviacion | Ninth Circuit oral argument

by Rushing McCarl LLP May. 18, 2022

Yesterday, managing partner John Rushing of Rushing McCarl LLP presented oral argument on behalf of Plaintiff-Appellant Jane Doe in the important Ninth Circuit case Doe v. Compania Panamena de Aviacion (Case No. 21-55983). Rushing McCarl represents a passenger who was sexually assaulted on a Copa Airlines flight. Other Rushing McCarl attorneys handling Doe’s appeal include founding partner Ryan McCarl and associate Davit Avagyan.

Yesterday’s oral argument illustrates why John Rushing (who has a background in entertainment) is one of the premier oral advocates in the nation, and the judges’ comments show how Rushing McCarl’s elite writing and research skills can be decisive in helping our clients achieve their goals.

The Copa defendants successfully moved to dismiss Doe’s claim in the District Court, and Rushing McCarl LLP was retained to handle her appeal and ask the Ninth Circuit to reverse. The appeal presents challenging issues relating to the Montreal Convention, preemption, and federal jurisdiction.

Rushing McCarl’s experienced team of appellate litigation attorneys may be on the verge of not only helping Doe get her day in court, but also clarifying an important area of aviation law in the Ninth Circuit.

Here are links to the Ninth Circuit briefs filed by Doe and Copa:

(Photo credit: Colin Lloyd, Unsplash)